About Tough Love 

Tough Love is a show about two friends learning to live with the other's quirks. Steven is a perfectionist with an affinity for cats, and a natural aversion to all things fun. Blaire is his sexually confused, fun-loving mess of a best friend. The show explores a variety of situations including sexuality, friendship, and the negative effects of leaving your apartment.

Tough Love was not originally intended to be a web series. In March 2013, Steven Bell met up with Cody Ball, a NYU film student at the time, to collaborate on a 2-3 minute video. Steven had written a short scene based on a real life conversation he had had with Blaire and wanted to film it just for fun. After putting the video up online, the small team was pleasantly surprised at the response they Got from family and friends. Steven and Blaire decided to hire Cody to do 7 more short episodes and BAM! season one of Tough Love was born.

Two years later, the show is now in production for its third season. In September 2014, the Tough Love Team successfully raised over $18,000 on Kickstarter to continue the show. The third season will premiere in September 2015. 

About the Cast


Steven Bell is the creator, writer, and star of Tough Love. When he is not Producing, he spends his time studying Improv and Sketch Writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade. When he's not doing that he's probably in bed with his cat Rudy. favedbythebell.tumblr.com

Blaire Wendel is an actress living in Astoria. She was recently seen in Hudson Shakespeare Company's production of As You Like It. blairewendel.com

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